Meet the CEO

Hi, my name is Kevin Jones. I was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I’m a 26 year old Entrepreneur who has always believed that this L1F3 Experience should be lived abundantly. After having my first hand experience working a corporate internship for Boeing in Dallas, Texas Summer of 2015, I knew immediately that this was not something I could dedicate my time and energy towards while at the same time feel like I was accomplishing my dreams and wants in this L1F3 Experience. 

My first adventure of Entrepreneurship was in the Networking industry, After working the summer internship in Dallas, Texas with Boeing, I made a decision to find my purpose in this L1F3 Experience. I grew a team of 150+ people in 10 months with a Health and Wellness company during my junior and Senior year of college. This is where my life begins change. 

After some exploration, and meeting other entrepreneurs, I encountered the Financial Markets in February 2016, While obtaining my Bachelor Degree and growing a Health & Wellness team. After having my first $1000 day trading stocks within a year of the journey, I knew from that very moment that there was more to this L1F3 Experience than I had ever imagined. It was more than just “ Not working a 9-5” It was about creating freedom through hard work, exploration and above all execution to the vision for the overall betterment of Humanity. We are only as strong as our Weakest link. 

While completing my senior collegiate football season the fall of 2016, I researched everything I could learn about the financial markets and how they worked, January of 2017 I enrolled for a Masters focused in Finance, I knew this journey in finance would not be overnight so I equipped myself with the necessary knowledge for present and future endeavors. 

After going through my learning curve with the stock market of building consistent profits for several months, I was able to expand on my strategies and knowledge with our first community Young Millionaires Club. 

 Young Millionaires Club started with good friend Ronnie Green. We combined our skills and various trading methods to create the epic trading group that has changed lives all over the world. Our members have been able to better their financial situation without having to recruit anyone or just only depending on a job for an income stream.

Fast forwarding to 2020, L1F3 Experience will be a place where our investors as well as students can gain value at one location. With the Health & Wellness programs complementary to all our investors. 

Positive Energy Is The Way Of L1F3 – Kevin Jones